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Written by André Faizi Alves, The Science and Spirit of Management presents an evolutionary explanation of the discipline of management. The explanation is supported by an original and comprehensive layout of the vast literature on the subject, and by the awareness of the fact that “the human species is an organic whole”.

The practical result is the untangling of managerial work from non-managerial work and the understanding of the difference between pure management and customized management. This allows a deeper comprehension of the profession and empowers the reader to implement a coherent and postmodern approach to management.

This book is a valuable resource for aspiring, new and seasoned managers who want to perform at a level of excellence in order to contribute their share in creating fairer and happier workplaces and, consequently, more prosperous organizations and a better world for all.



“…happy that your book brought a fresh wave of air in the area of management…”
Prof. Jiban K Mukhopadhyay, SPJIMR (Fmr Chief Economic Adviser, Tata Group) – India


“Truly enjoy clear thinking and simplification – the genius of postmodern man! My sincere congratulations Professor André!”
Prof. Shahbaz Fatheazam, Catholic University (PUCPR) & International Management Consultant (Education and Health) – Brazil


“I could build a cabin out of the many management books I purchased from airport bookstores and have been given by friends and associates. What I found refreshingly different about The Science and Spirit of Management is the comprehensive overview of the underlying theories and influencers that drive the plethora of management philosophies and processes out there. This book has given me a framework to better understand the provenance of modern management trends and approaches. It also helps us remember that our employees and direct reports are people, not just resources. Faizi clearly illustrates that the purpose of management strategies is to bring out the best in people and create a collaborative work environment where people feel valued and want to give the company their best.”
David D. Hadden, CEO, TheraSim, Inc. – United Sates


“Fantastic book for managers of all ages, backgrounds and styles. It is helping many managers to become effective! Rousselot South America is using it for that purpose!”
Dimas Martins, CEO South America, Rousselot Gelatinas do Brasil Ltda. – Brazil


  1. Solid and modern definition of management
  2. Innovative and coherent explanation of management functions
  3. Explanation of managerial work that considers variations in management levels
  4. Distinction between (disentangling of) managerial and non-managerial work
  5. Harmonization of management with the reality of humans as “organic with the world”
  6. Comprehensive and innovative classification of the broad management literature that facilitates the understanding of the difference between Pure and Customized Management